Why have I started tpl.?

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Lets not forget that being financially free also comes with perks like working in a sunny place with a cappuccino on the table 😉 (I come from the cold and rainy country  of the Netherlands)

Because I believe true freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. When I started reading up on financial freedom I learned that my take on economic security was incorrect. I thought that having a job that could cover all of my expenses each month, and maybe a little bit extra to shove into a savings account was enough to call myself financially secure.

2008 showed me that this was farthest from the truth. Seeing my parents stressed out and struggling to pay for day-to-day things anchored a deep sense of wanting to be financially secure ‘when I grow older’.

Since then, my parents are doing fine, luckily. But I do not want to imagine what happens if they are all of a sudden laid off, or if another financial crisis hits. There is no financial net in place large enough to bridge a period between now and a few months down the line, which would enable them to find a new job or come up with a creative solution. The same goes for me. Having just graduated my bachelor’s degree in Medicine, I am in debt and I have lived month to month for three years until two months ago. When reading Money Master the Game, I realised how important it is to make a plan and execute now to approach lifelong financial freedom. And at age 26, I am at the perfect opportunity to start (in hindsight, I wish I had read this book at age 18, but its all good).

On another level, I want to impact the world on a larger scale, and I want to use my personal brand to do it. Mainly, I have great ambitions in the medical industry and the educational industry, and becoming financially free is the first step to no longer exchange time for money, to no longer worry about the financial position of the people I love, and to build a mindset of abundance and confidence. This will truly unlock the potential of bringing more value to the causes I care most about. Another ambition is educating and teaching people how they can become financially free too, as I believe choosing to work will land people jobs they actually want to work in, which will in turn leads to more productivity, innovation and to leading a more fulfilling life.

Thatpineapplelife.com is part of me teaching others how they can become financially free, and of me sharing my journey of how I become financially free and go after my ambitions.

Naomi Gabriel

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