My dropshipping business experiences – part 3 – I am failing.

This post is going to be relatively short. Reason being, I have been failing with my dropshipping store. This was something I knew could happen before I got myself into this. Being a beginner, the odds to succeed right off the bat are super slim. But still, somehow, it felt like a massive failure when it happened.

Lets get into the things I did wrong

  • I was too emotionally involved with the products. I knew that these products were selling well due to the number of Aliexpress orders they had, and due to how much I was seeing them being advertised on Facebook and Instagram. I wanted this product to succeed so much that I kept pushing it, even when it did not sell.
  • So why did I not sell, when other people were selling? A combination of the fact that I am a beginner, so most things I did were all experiments. It could have been my store, or my ad, or my ad copy, or my use of influencers. In the beginning everything is an experiment. The fact that Dropshipping has become such a competitive field does not help either (excuses). Building a true brand has become  essential. This is something I did not focus on because I was still figuring out the basics.
  • This next point is a hunch, but the niche I have chosen might be tough to get into as a beginner. The influencers I used were mostly overcharging and did not accept any negotiation about the price. I knew I was overpaying for most ads, and did not know how to overcome this variable. Naturally, I feel uncomfortable negotiating and ”selling”.
  • Lastly, I completely stopped searching out influencers because I lost faith. I compared myself to the people selling courses and how much they made in their first months. I thought I was doing everything wrong because I could not even break even. This limiting belief became a personal thing. I thought I was just not cut out for this. But then I realised…..

Failure is part of the game. The moment I stop trying is the moment I truly fail.

I am fully aware of how corny this platitude sounds. ”Just keep going, you have not truly failed until you stop”, but I do really think this is a limiting belief I have been holding onto, and that it is something that has surfaced with exploring such a new field.

I hold no previous experience in online business or sales and marketing, so of course this is going to be flipping hard. Next to that, most people who become successful in anything, have failed so much before they ever gained success. I let myself get dragged into the clickbait provided by most Youtube dropshipping videos of ‘how easy’ and ‘how quick’ you can become ”rich” through dropshipping. It is simply not true. I just could not see this until I actually tried.

Another painful revelation:

Buying the dropshipping course I purchased at the end of March gave me access to a private FB group with all other people who had taken the course. What became obvious was that most people who were succeeding had taken many other courses before they broke even or made true profit. Additionally, I found out that the owner of the course could not care less about answering questions his students had. Again, I took this way to personal. It had nothing to do with me, yet I was blaming myself for the ‘circumstances’ I found myself in and I let my subsequent actions suffer from those circumstances.

Going forward..

After I was done throwing myself a pity party I took some time to write down what I have to do differently moving forward in order to succeed:

  • The circumstances under which I am learning do not determine my outcome. As long as I keep experimenting and investing in learning from people who have done what I aim to do, I should be able to get a breakthrough.
    • actionable point: buy another course from a more mature dropshipper and invest in 1-on-1 calls with the seller to improve.
  • Get into dropshipping for the longterm game. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme.
    • actionable point: invest time into building a brand around store.
  • Explore other advertising routes since using Instagram influencers at this time is too unpredictable.
    • actionable point: learn about Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

This journey is going to cost me a lot more time and money than anticipated, but nothing beats an opportunity to become financially free, being able to work where and whenever I want, and to explore many more opportunities a 9-5 does not offer.

”It ain’t over till it’s over”
(thats it with the platitudes, I promise haha).




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