March Goals Report

If you have not seen my original post on my 2018 goals, I suggest you read that post first.
Watch the video here:

How has March been generally?

March has been a great improvement in many ways, and has brought me closer to most of my goals.
I have spent two weeks in the US attending the South by Southwest (sxsw) festival for my 9-5 job, which was an awesome and new experience. It has allowed me to visit two new cities in the US, challenging myself as I had to work and keep up with Thatpineapplelife. In the process I have spent a week in a luxury apartment with a pool, chilling and working in the sun. My motivation to live my daily life like this has skyrocketed to say the least.
March was overall an exciting month because I would have finally saved up enough money to purchase a dropshipping course and start my dropshipping store. I knew that I would not have time to keep up with my dropshipping business during sxsw, so I had to wait until I came back from the US to kick things off. It was also the month in which I paid off a huge chunk of my (non-student) debt. I did however fall short of achieving some goals, especially uploading blogposts and publishing videos. Ultimately, March was more successful than February, which I find most important. Baby steps!

The goals:

  1. I will have built a website with blog
  2. I will have written 156 blog posts for my website (12/month, 3/week).
    Behind on schedule: 8 blogposts published in total. I published 3 more posts than I did in February, but I can definitely do better.In April, I will not be travelling for two weeks like I did in March. I expect to reach my target for April of writing 12 posts before May.
  3. I will have completed a 100 day challenge: morning routine.
    I have started!So far I have done my morning routine for a (non-consecutive) period of 23 days. I have missed 4 days in total. This I anticipated. Forming a new habit can be tough, but overall it has really benefitted me in many ways already. I am not sure yet if I want this 100-day challenge to be consecutive, that remains to be decided. I will finish the 30-day challenge first.I had set myself a trade-off for the 30-day challenge: for each day I miss, I will donate €40 to charity. This means that this month I will be donating €160 to a charity of choice. In my upcoming morning routine video, I will share which charity and why.
  4. I will have moved into a house of my own.
    I have not started yet.
  5. I will have paid off my debt (€2200) and have filled up my emergency fund (€9000)
    On track: paid off 45% of debt, a huge increase from last month’s 7%, and saved up 13% of emergency fund, another increase from last month’s 2.2%.I have paid off almost €1000 for things I bought on credit. NEVER BUY STUFF ON CREDIT! it’s just not worth it. I agreed that I would start investing 10% of my income each month, but so far I was saving up that 10%. I had not invested this sum of money yet because I knew I was paying interest on the stuff I bought on credit, which would basically cancel each other out. Now that I have paid off most of my debt outside my student debt, I am well underway to filling up my emergency fund.This emergency fund has been becoming more of a priority since coming back from the US, since my time there increased my motivation to become financially free even more. This is why I have decided to expedite the process of filling up this fund. Before the August 2018, I will have paid off the remaining €1000 in debt, and filled up my emergency fund to €8000. This is not the €9000 I intended, but €8000 allows me to quit my job and sustain myself for at least 4 months.The reason why I have been able to pay off so much is a combination of working more at my job, saving more on expenses, and receiving money I did not expect to receive. It includes a bit of university tuition I had paid extra, and some benefits from the government because I was technically still a student. I immediately put this money towards my emergency fund and paying off debt.
  6. I will be making €400/month from Youtube.Behind on schedule:
    Behind on schedule: In the month of February I have made €0 from Youtube.
    This was to be expected. I expect to be making money from Youtube from August 2018 onwards, since my channels are both still quite small and not eligible for monetisation yet. I also expect my content to become better and more creative when I am able to quit my job. Right now, I have little time to make videos I 100% endorse. It ain’t about being perfect though!
  7. I will have 100k subscribers on my Youtube channel.
    Behind on schedule: 
    so far I have 533 subscribers combined on both Youtube channels.
    This is an 82 subscriber increase compared to last month. This month I hope to drive the growth up to a 200 subscriber increase. My goal is to be at 733 subs total by the end of April.
  8. I will have invested 10% of my income every month.
    On track: I invested my first sum of money into an S&P500 ETF, and I will keep adding 10% of my income to it each month.
    This will enable me to generate passive income which I will reinvest to create my own pension scheme. In the future I will share more about my strategies and why I believe that investing is something that everybody should consider, regardless of their income.
  9. I will have saved up enough capital to start my e-commerce business.
    Achieved! I have saved up more than €700 to start my dropshipping business, and I have even started spending some of it on this business.
    Tomorrow, my store will go live! (5th of April). This goal was originally intended to save up €2000 to buy a course and start FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon). However, I quickly realised that I wanted to start something a bit less risky and with a smaller upfront investment. Dropshipping fits those criteria better.
  10. I will have created an affiliate income stream.
    Have not started yet.
  11. I will have read 12 books.
    On track: 3/12 read.
    Titles: Start with Why, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Crushing it.
    I have loved this goal from the start. Reading is something I naturally enjoy, but I had neglected throughout my high school and university degrees. Now that I’ve graduated, I get to read for fun again. It has been one of my favourite goals to work on so far.
  12. I will be able to pay off my student loan.
    Have not started yet
  13. I will make 100k in revenue combined from my businesses.
    Behind on schedule: I have decided to update this goal again after I make my first sales with my dropshipping business. Posting my 9-5 income is very boring to me.
  14. I will upload 208 Youtube videos (16/month, 4/week)
    Behind on schedule: I published 9 videos in total in March, which is 7 videos short of my monthly goal.
    Again, this is an increase compared to the 3 videos in February.
    The same goes for publishing blog posts. To make my commitment bigger this month, I have planned out all of my videos and blogposts before April started, and I will be making a weekly schedule to hopefully achieve my monthly goal in April.
  15. I will have completed my bachelor’s degree.
    Achieved! Still very proud and relieved with this goal.
  16. I will be surrounded by ambitious, positive and inspirational people.
    On track: In March I have spent more time with one person who is knowledgeable when it comes to dropshipping.
    One point of improvement is to make this goal more concrete. I have not planned anything regarding this goal for the month of April, and I do not want to force these social interactions. Regardless, I am confident that this goal will get more attention towards the end of 2018, since I will have more freedom to focus on connecting with (new) people after I have quit my job.
  17. I will spend one month abroad to escape winter and work away from home.
    Have not started yet.
  18. I will get more tattoos.
    On track: haha! This goal makes me smile.
    It is not a very serious one as you can imagine, and I certainly do not want to plan my tattoos as if they are life improving goals, but I did get two new tattoos in the US and they make me very happy.
  19. I will have uploaded a Youtube video every day for a month.
    Have not started yet.

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