Morning Ritual Mastery review (Project Life Mastery).

Last week I spent a few days in London with family and I had plenty of downtime to do ”research”. I was watching ‘motivational’ videos by Stefan James from the Youtube channel Project Life Mastery, and decided I needed to take ACTION. He was one of the first online personal business brands/self improvement entrepeneurs in online business that I found on Youtube. He shares his personal journey to becoming an entrepeneur (which inspired me to do the same) and his morning routine mastery video is the one that stuck with me.


His morning ritual video was uploaded in 2012, is 30-minutes long, and has around 800.000 views. This obviously pushed me to click on it. He went through his complete 1-hour morning ritual, which he uses first thing in the morning to prime himself for the rest of the day. This gives him a pro-active instead of a reactive start and eventually, he created a mindset that is complementary to the life he wanted to build back then (and has successfully built by now).

His honesty and consistency prompted me to buy his Morning Ritual Mastery Course. It was $37 for the 7-day course. So far I have been doing my own custom morning routine for almost 20 days, so I guess it is time for a review.

The course includes 7 morning ritual mastery videos, and 2 bonus videos (Life Mastery,  and 67 Life-Changing Morning Rituals). The ideas of the course are divided in three pillars; body, mind and spirit. A morning ritual should ideally focus on doing something for your mind, body and spirit every day.

The assignments of the course start off slowly, to enable the viewer to start making changes slowly. This is key. Gradual change makes creating a new habit sustainable. Normally, I would jump in with both feet, try to fill a full page of my gratitude journal, visualise my goals, take a cold shower, go to the gym, eat healthy, be more positive, and all of this before 7 am. Its not healthy, and especially the mental disappointment and punishment if I give up, is unhealthy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 13.14.38

”you have to reinforce positive behaviour”

is a quote from Stefan which has helped me a lot in the first week. It sounds arbitrary, but taking time to ponder the positives has really made me more grateful and has left me more fulfilled.

After a few days, all I did was:

  • stretching for 5 minutes and drinking a glass of water (body)
  • write down two sentences of things I am grateful for in life (mind)
  • ask myself an empowering question (spirit)

This ritual takes me no longer than 15 minutes, and made a huge difference to how I started my day previously:

  • complain about my alarm going off
  • snoozing 3 times
  • scrolling on Instagram for 20 minutes before getting out of bed
  • coffee


”your mood is not luck. It is the result of everything you do and put inside your body”

Another quote from the course, which made me realise how I was sabotaging my day. Now, there is a place and a time for snoozing and coffee, but I was using it against myself.

By the end of the course I had created a pretty decent 15-minute morning routine, 30-minute morning routine and 60-minute morning routine. I won’t have time to do a full 60-minute morning routine each morning, but 15-minutes I can definitely manage. It felt good!


Now, do you need this course to create and implement an empowering morning ritual?

Absolutely not. I did start a morning routine at the end of 2017, which was doing great things for my body and mind. I based this routine off of my own needs, and through watching other morning routines of people on Youtube.

So why did I pay for the course? Because I know that by paying for something, I will increase the accountability to myself. I also knew I needed external help with setting up a decent structure for my mornings in order to combine my business with my 9-5 job.

Some might say that having this morning routine is too strict and lacks spontaneity. I do not think it is necessary for everyone to have such a serious routine each morning. But I have ambitions which require me to change my mindset. And following a morning routine will get me there more efficiently, faster and healthier.

Lastly, I know that creating this habit longterm will take time and effort, and having a course ready to revisit whenever I want will enable me to go back and take the 7-day course again if I need to revisit or restart my morning ritual.

In short, I really recommend this course if you want to get a bit more structure and purpose to each day.

If you want to get started with forming your own morning routine through Project Life Mastery, click through this link and sign up here. If you do sign up through my link, I will receive a commission for referring you.

*Trust me, if the course was not worth it I would not provide the affiliate link*

Watch the video here

See ya in the next one,

Naomi Gabriel






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