february goals report

I am really excited to go through this first goals report! I do these goals reports to keep myself accountable and to break down my bigger goals into smaller ones. These reports aim to give me more insight on what is going well and what I need to improve in order to reach my goals by the end of 2018. Of course, sharing them with you increases the accountability part, but it might also help you if you are hesitant to take action on your goals (if I can do it, you can too ya know).

If you have not read my 2018 goals blogpost yet I suggest you do before you read this post.

Watch the video here:

How has it been so far?

Generally, February has been exciting. I have had a great time so far. It has been a bit stressful as well, combining my Youtube channels and the blog with my 9-5 job. But working on something that feels greater than myself has been very rewarding. It also has given me a lot more energy, even though overall I have had way less sleep.

Some things that I have noticed from the get go are that I should intentionally make time to relax, socialize and sleep. My social life has suffered, since I work on my business from 6.30-8.30 am, work at my job from 9-5 and then continue to work on my business from 6-10 pm. I squeeze in a workout here and there, but I should set better limits to avoid burning out, isolating myself too much and avoid becoming an unhealthy human. This is something I take on board in March and April.

Now for the goals

1. I will have built a website with blog.


2. I will have written 156 blog posts for my website.
(12/month, 3/week)

behind on schedule3 blog posts written.

This goal has been off to a slow start. The lack of a daily routine made me too reactive to my days which made my workflow inefficient. March will probably look very different. Goal 3 is why.

3. I will have completed a 100 day challenge: morning routine.

have not started yet

In December last year I tried a morning routine, which I ended halfway through Christmas break. It gave me a great start of the day, but I have not been able to resume it. However, I have bought a course on it, which will speed up this process and help me with creating a daily routine to work more efficiently.

4. I will have moved into a house of my own.

have not started yet

5. I will have paid off my debt €2200 and have filled up my emergency fund €9000.

on track: paid off 7% of debt and saved 2.2% of emergency fund.

6. I will be making €400/month from Youtube.

behind on schedule: made €3.98 in February.

Making the Youtube partnership program with my channel is a priority. Last year I was able to generate revenue technically speaking, but I did not upload much. I have to get my channel to 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time first.

7. I will have 100k subscribers on my Youtube channel.

behind on schedule: 451 subscribers in total.

This was to be expected. Small channels have small growth!

8. I will have invested 10% of my income every month.

on track: €470 ready to invest so far.

9. I will have saved up enough capital to start my e-commerce business €2000.

on track: €330,50 saved up. Mostly through retail arbitrage and working on my side hustles.

10. I will have created an affiliate income stream.

have not started yet

11. I will have read 12 books.

on track: 2/12 read (Start With Why, Rich Dad Poor Dad)

12. I will be able to pay off my student loan.

have not started yet

13. I will make 100k in revenue combined from my businesses.

behind on schedule: €3074,25 made so far (0.3%). The end of March will be the start of my dropshipping business. I expect to make my revenue go up more in April onwards.

14. I will upload 208 Youtube videos (±4 videos/week)

behind on schedule: uploaded 3 videos.

My morning routine course will definitely make this number go up in March onwards.

15. I will have completed my bachelor’s degree.


I am relieved, happy and proud!

16. I will be surrounded by ambitious, positive and inspirational people.

on track: connected with two new people who are into e-commerce.

In the next few months this goal will become more of a priority.

17. I will spend one month abroad to escape winter and work away from home.

have not started yet

18. I will get more tattoos.

have not started yet

19. I will eat a mostly plant-based diet.

on track: breakfast is plant-based.

20. I will have uploaded a Youtube video every day for a month.

have not started yet

Overall, I am very happy with my progress. The coming months I will be able to finetune my goals and my workflow.

Till next time!


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