my 2018 goals.


”a lil context”

In September 2017 I started the last semester of my degree and I felt unfulfilled. The cliché millennial I am; studying was a great source of stress and frustration, left me insecure, uninspired and unhopeful for a future in the academic field. I believe the problem was not necessarily that I chose the wrong degree, it’s probably the plug and play approach of university (which I might elaborate on in a different blog post).

A few unfortunate personal experiences later I was made fully aware that life is too short to sit and wait for better days after my degree. It also reinforced the fact that if I want my day-to-day life to be different, I should probably stop dreaming about wanting a life that resembles my Tumblr page and start making changes. However, it can be daunting to do a full 180 from one day to another, abandon the safe and comfortable routine of having no routine, and being3 the poster child for ”self-made women”.

Thus, I started writing down what I would do if time, money and talent were no obstacle, because often, these things get in the way of taking action on silent hopes and dreams. What would I want my life to look like? What would I enjoy doing in my day-to-day life? Which ambitions do I have longterm?

From there I tried to reverse engineer these goals and ambitions. What would it take to get there, would that journey be something I would be interested in? What could I break down into such small steps so I could take action every day? Those small steps consisted mainly of taking a lot of notes on people who have done what I am about to do, jotting down my ideas, eating and working out regularly. It even boosted my exam scores as it was now clearer what I needed to do in order to get to where I want to be. I had a reason to do well. As stated in my Insta post above, believing in my abilities and taking small steps paid off quickly. I started feeling more fulfilled, because I was actively contributing to a future I was excited about.

As my ambitions became more tangible on paper, I started thinking about 2018. I archived my longterm goals in the years I see myself achieving them, and then shortened the timeline in order to create stretch goals. Voila, here I was, with a list of 20 things to achieve in 2018.

”why didn’t you start on January 1st dummy?!”

Because I would be due to finish my bachelor’s degree on January 29th, so I did not want to jeopardise graduating for the classic January 1st start on my 2018 goals. If anything, this makes my goals even stretchier, lol.

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Trip to Stockholm.

So, after spending four days in Stockholm, celebrating completing one of my goals in 2018 (graduating!), my 2018 has officially started. This year I have set myself a total of 20 mostly big, but also some smaller (and more light hearted) goals. Monthly, I will be breaking these goals down in smaller goals to achieve them more easily.

”Show me the money”

List of the goals:

  1. I will have built a website with blog.
  2. I will have written 156 blog posts for my website.
  3. I will have completed a 100 day challenge: morning routine.
  4. I will have moved into a house of my own.
  5. I will have paid off my debt and have filled up my emergency fund.
  6. I will be making €400/month from Youtube.
  7. I will have 100k subscribers on my Youtube channel.
  8. I will have invested 10% of my income every month.
  9. I will have saved up enough capital to start my e-commerce business.
  10. I will have created an affiliate income stream.
  11. I will have read 12 books.
  12. I will be able to pay off my student loan.
  13. I will make 100k in revenue combined from my businesses.
  14. I will upload 208 Youtube videos.
  15. I will have completed my bachelor’s degree.
  16. I will be surrounded by ambitious, positive and inspirational people.
  17. I will spend one month abroad to escape winter and work away from home.
  18. I will get more tattoos.
  19. I will have uploaded a Youtube video every day for a month.

Aiiiight this post is already way too long. Catch you on the flipside bru.

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